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February 6, 2020 

Never one to settle, Solveig was driven to entrepreneurship. Equally volatile and rewarding, it’s this double-edged sword that keeps her on her toes and inspires her everyday to discover and drive projects from their nascent idea to their full-fledged implementation. Here are some snippets about our founder and constant go-getter.

Q: Describe a favorite project that you’ve worked on at ED&I.
A: This is much like asking me to choose a favourite child.... As cliche as it is, I cannot pick one. One of my favourite things about running ED&I is the wide variety of projects that we are exposed to — the continuous learning and switching your brain from one problem space to another is pure fuel for my creativity personally.

Q: Describe your usual day in the studio.
A: I feel like I never have a day that can be defined as usual. As an entrepreneur, you definitely take on many hats, including hats that you never even thought existed. And you need to get very comfortable with not knowing. The one thing that helps me with ambiguity is to lean into people who have different skills and strengths than I have. Hence, my day often revolves in checking in with the team, learning from them and their perspectives and ensuring they have everything needed to feel comfortable and in a position to help our clients as best as possible. I also try to dedicate a daily moment to a networking task. Entrepreneurship can get lonely, and I am trying to make a point of sticking my head up from the computer more to share and learn from others. This can be as simple as taking the time to have a casual sit down and talk with clients, contractors, employees and people I have met at networking events. These conversations, which are not driven by a project definition or goal, provide insight into the zeitgeist that we are all surrounded by and provide me with an internal compass to guide me in what we do and how we do things at Educe. Design is so much about connection, and I try to gather these moments to guide my daily practice — both for myself and for the day-to-day direction of the studio.

Q: What is a question you get asked about your job?
A: Ha! The question that I always get (and I am sure the same goes for so many that are framed by the term “design”): “What is it that you really do?” Design is such a wide and often misleading term, and it encompasses so many different aspects. In addition, it gets clouded with all of these undefinable materials we now design with, such as experiences, data, and behaviors, to name a few.


a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
A: The people I meet and get to work with! I love that we are constantly working with new teams and having to immerse ourselves into their challenges and opportunities, and partner with them to create. Creation is hard and often humbling. The relationships become very real, very fast — the initial pleasantries dissipate quickly when you get your hands dirty. I love meeting new minds, new ways of approaching things, different skill sets, personalities, and diverse experiences — all resources to build off of and grow from. It’s a deep well of inspiration and potential

Q: What is the hardest thing about your job?
A: To make sure that we always grow and move forward, that we stay relevant and don’t stagnate, and that we keep taking risks. It’s a constant mantra of asking myself “How do I?”, “What if?”, and “Now what?”.

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